A Digital Bookkeeping Service

Take all the time you need for your business. Leave the bookkeeping to me.

Take the Stress Out of Bookkeeping

My goal is to help you grow your business while taking the stress out of bookkeeping.  I want to help you regain valuable time to focus on more important things – like running your business.  After all, you didn’t start your business so you could focus all your efforts on bookkeeping, did you? 

Leave the number-crunching to someone who appreciates the task: Me!  And spend the new found time you’ll have to increase the profitability of your passion – your business.

Hi, I'm Beth!

There are few things I love more than numbers.  

My relationships.  I’m blessed to have an amazing family, and friends who are there to support and uplift me through the good and bad times. My husband and I work together to raise our two teens and 3-yr old. 

Time.  Like yourself, I started my business so I could have more time to be with the people, and do the things I love most. I build my business so I can continue to have time but also to give other business owners the time they need and deserve to do what they love.

Exercise.  I’ve always been able to relieve stress with exercise.  I’ve walked as exercise for years but 11 years ago I was introduced to CrossFit.  It has changed my life. After a long day of work and family stuff, there’s nothing I love more than lifting something heavy and pushing myself to physical limits I didn’t think were possible.

Now that you know about me, let’s see how I can help you!

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